Introduction to the UWP Curriculum

The UWP (United World Preschool) curriculum is centered around the knowledge of child development and its principles of continuity and change. 
The aim of the curriculum is to create positivity within families, society and ultimately the world at large. To ensure that we meet these goals, we ensure the inclusion of an evolving knowledge base with the most up-to-date research on child development, learning and effective teaching practices.

The curriculum itself is divided into key development indicators, the likes of which assist in tracking the progress of the children’s development in a manner most meticulous yet comprehensive. This allows the educators in their observations and interpretations of the children’s actions, enabling them to meet their learner’s needs. Just as the learner dictates his or her own needs, the educator must respond to it in a manner that befits the learner’s progress while simultaneously guiding the learner’s attention to other pursuits which are both of import and relevance to society and the world at large.

United World Preschool. We touch the future. We teach.

Infant Care/Toddler

UWP understands the vulnerability of an infant, and therefore assigns a primary caregiver to each child. This is to help them develop a sense of security and to explore their environment. Infants are encouraged to explore and construct knowledge through a variety of sensorial activities using medium such as paint and dough.

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UWP’s Playgroup provides children the creative space to build relationships through social interaction with friends and teachers. Playgroup also empowers them to discover new experiences, to find out about the world around them, and above all,gain self confidence, self expression and life-long learning skills.

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UWP has an innovative and technological environment designed to engage and encourage children to enjoy learning at nursery. An integrated learning programme focuses on using play as a tool for purposeful acquisition of knowledge and skills.

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In this day of digital age, our kindergarten curriculum facilitates acquiring of knowledge and skills through an inquiry approach, using technology. There will be emphasis on language proficiency as well as creative writing and art. All so that the child will confident and read for primary or junior school.

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