Paying Attention and Listening

UnitedWorldChristmasParty Photo 91Parents constantly talk and sing to their children, and its obvious when a child comprehends this action when they look at the direction the sound is coming from. Listening and paying attention are stepping stones for children towards learning and understanding a language.

Children should be exposed to a variety of sounds albeit not at the same time. Try to single out sounds such as play songs in an environment or at a time when there are less distracting sounds around, such as construction or heavy traffic. Children are constantly distracted by different stimuli and therefore more prone to lose focus if something louder and more overpowering is going on elsewhere.

Caregivers can also be perfect examples on showing attentiveness and listening by listening and giving their attention to children when they’re speaking. Use names when cueing a child to do a particular task to get their attention and let them know that you’re addressing them.

To ensure that children are listening and paying attention introduce games and activities that require them to follow vocal directions. Keep conversations short and bring up new topics to keep a child’s attention. Each child is unique and therefore will respond in different ways to different stimulation.