Observational Development

Picture3Effective early childhood education and development begins with more than throwing children into an environment with other kids to mingle and play. Yes, these can be positive ways for a child to learn and develop but it doesn’t cater to the individual personality of different children.

Assessment from practitioner is key in order to cultivate the right atmosphere for each individual child to reach their utmost potential. An Enabling Environment can only be formed through proper observation of how different children react to different stimuli.

Practitioners observe as children play in and interact with their tools or other children through planned activities. It is also wise to be in close quarters with the parents of these children as parents would be perfect observers of their child’s habits and personality.

Such observation would allow for practitioners to identify a child’s developmental pathway, in which they’re able to strengthen and deepen the current learning and development of a child through Positive Relationships in an Enabling Environment.

Similar to how any working adult does their job, it is only with the right knowledge and research that there can be confidence in producing the best results.