Keeping A Developing Child Motivated

Picture3All children are naturally motivated to want to explore and play, running and jumping with excess energy as witnessed when they’re in a comfortable environment amongst familiar faces.

In order to encourage a child to keep learning and developing, it is essential that all criteria of Effective Learning are included. Characteristics such as an Enabling Environment and Positive Relationships are key traits to ensuring that children remain an effective and motivated learner.

As children are constantly developing once placed in an Enabling Environment, so too then must it’s environment develop in quick succession. With the right framework and support from its practitioner through observation and interaction, it is possible to constantly provide new and different sorts of challenges for the child to overcome.

Constant stimulation is essential to a child’s development and repetitive play can get dull and boring, leading to restlessness. So ensure that your child is constantly given the push in the right direction, using the right tools at the right time.