Every Child is Unique

IMG_5805Every child is a unique child, above all every child is a human being. Although still a youngling, children are very much entitled to their own rights. According to the United Nations, children have the right to provision, to be able to develop their own personalities, talents and abilities.

As practitioners, it is our role to provide that sanctuary and environment for all children to develop their individual personalities through exposure to multiple facets of learning, development and play. Practitioners should also be able to assess the progress of each child and support their identities as they grow and develop.

Essentially, practitioners have to be able to identify and provide the right form of nurturing in an adequate environment for the young. Thus enabling children and practitioners alike the opportunity to explore various outlets and to discover the children’s own personal interests and talents.

Above all, practitioners should always provide a safe, comfortable and trusting environment for children to fully realise their potential as learners and explorers. In essence, each child should be given the same and equal respect and love as any other human being.