Enabling Environment

IMG_20140908_101159-1A strong environment is key to providing optimum development in young children.
Good learning environments should cater to individual learning needs where the right
elements for rich experiences are presented to children. It’s also dependent on the
relationships that are shared between practitioner, parent and caregiver.

These sort of environments are enabling environments, enabling environments in all
sense of the word enables children the right sort of stimulation they need to achieve.
There are two keys to an enabling environment; where emphasis is placed on valuable
relationships between children and their providers as well as an emphasis that is built
on the value of learning.

Valuable providers: A provider can be a parent, a caregiver or a practitioner such as a
teacher. A parent would always want what’s best for their children and would seek to
put them in the most comfortable and rewarding environment. So to must a caregiver
or practitioner. In order for an outsider to provide such an enabling environment, there
must be an understanding and trust from child to outsider and vice versa. A healthy
relationship is key to a healthy development.

Value based learning: Learning at a young age comes through exploration and
carefully taken risks. Children are curious about almost everything and will want to
get their hands or mouths on something new. Without a valuable provider such
exploration can instead be harmful and hazardous to a child’s development. Set in an
enabling environment children will be safe to interact with valuable resources,
exploring and pushing their learning to newer and greater heights.