Children Early Years


Children come into this world each equipped with the right mindset to absorb and learn about their immediate surroundings. Children like sponges are able to absorb as much as they can retain, through the various interactions the get from other people and their environment.

They’re constantly reaching out to interact with people, either through observation or through touch and play. You can see this when a child smiles at a parent or at a face it recognizes.

Absorbing such information doesn’t automatically equate to development. These are two separate things and a child’s development is unique to each individual. That is why we say every child is special and constantly reinforce that.

Each unique child is also shaped by the opportunities presented to it by its environment and relationships. As with each child being unique, so to must it’s environment be shaped to nurture and develop the best out of the child’s learning and growing years.

Back to the top, just like a sponge a child will absorb as much as it can through its surroundings and relationships. Providing it with the best possible environment with the best possible care givers would shape the child to its utmost potential, allowing for the child to constantly take in unique criteria that would fulfill their individual potential.