Founder’s Welcome


“Each child is important. Each child is unique! We cannot stress on that enough. There are many approaches, each with their own merits. There are many theories, each with their own truths. However, it is the skill of identifying the child’s needs and their learning styles which sets the true educator apart.

United World Preschool(UWP) is an unwavering testament to the belief that as a school, as an institution, we can provide for every learner’s needs and imbibe within them a culture of learning.The ability to always be better, to be able to wade through life with ease, seeing challenges as opportunities.

With an eclectic program administered by teachers with a variety of backgrounds, deep expertise in their respective field and a passion for shaping young lives , we deliver the excellence that is devoid in today’s age of corporate schools while working closely with you, the parents. At UWP you can be assured that your child will be guided to maximizing their potential and will never have to falter from the challenges that come with living life to the fullest.”

Dr Christopher Pereira
Executive Director / Founder
United World Preschool Pte Ltd

Dr Pereira has over 20 years of experience across the education sector with expertise in strategically and operationally transforming learning institutions and training consultancies.

Prior to establishing United World Preschool, Dr Pereira worked in top management in various MNCs. This include

  • Chief Operating Officer of SRMG, Saudi Arabia, the largest media group in the middle east.
  • Executive Director of King Saud University, the largest higher education education centre in Saudi Arabia.
  • Chief Executive Officer of Asian Lifeskills, a training and consultancy organisation
  • Academic Programme Director of BMC International Collage, Singapore
    Owner of Hosea, a preschool in Singapore.